Donald Ray Pollock ‘The Devil All Of The Time’

Last week end I went to Vincennes at the east of Paris to the Festival America where I saw and listened to a number of American Writers that I wasn’t familiar with Amongst these writers, were Tim Gautreaux and Donald Ray Pollock.




proved during his stage interview to be a great story teller, charming us with colourful stories from his family, this ‘bayoux Conrad’ certainly made me want to read his 2009 book ‘The Missing’ , released this year in French as ‘Nos Disparus’ treating the story of the return from the First World War, I’ll keep you posted when I’ve read it.



This dry story teller from Ohio who came to writing late certainly impressed me with his description of his book, ‘The Devil All the Time’ published in 2012 in France as ‘Le Diable, tout le Temps’.


So I bought this book on amazon, it was a five day read, intense set in the  forties through to the sixties in rural Ohio, poverty, corruption and religion run through this book where a number of seemingly unrelated stories, each one sadder or stranger than the next, are woven together towards the end. Serial killers, maybe before the categories really existed are the spine of the story.

This book is different, compulsive and doesn’t leave that unsatisfied feeling many crime books do when you put them down, I will read more of his work, but maybe in a couple of years.


3 thoughts on “Donald Ray Pollock ‘The Devil All Of The Time’”

  1. Violent or credulous rednecks dark stories… I was a bit reluctant to go further at the beginning but I really liked reading it.
    The unstoppable mechanisms of crim are described in a more interesting way than usually. The killers are human but the story is raw written.

    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed this story, it’s a little rough but it kept me wanting to come back fo more heads a new one coming out in two months time
      The Heavenly Table
      Who knows what to expect here?

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