Sebastian Fitzek ‘Therapy’

Back to the lending library for an audio book, where I came across a prolific German thriller writer who burst onto the scene in Germany in ’06 knocking The Da Vinci Code of of 1st place on the best sellers list, his books have been translated into French over a 10 year period and are now becoming available in English.

Therapy was an instant success and the film rights were sold the following year in ’07. The main action of this book turns around the story of a missing girl, 12 year old Josy, it becomes obvious from early on in this thriller that the main character Viktor Larenz, a psychiatrist and Josy’s father who has taken her to see 30 doctors for an illness none of them could diagnose, and who is the main supplier of information for the narrator, is suffering from schizophrenia. We discover she is missing when he comes back from the bathroom during a visit to a doctor to find that she is no longer there and that no one can remember seeing her.
Why is he telling us this from a hospital bed? Who is his new patient Anna Spiegel that he reluctantly agrees to see on an isolated Island off of the German Coast? And how can this seemingly impossible story have a logical ending. Over to Fitzek! An audio book for the car most definitely, it kept me interested through to the end.

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