German lit target for 2016

Following the German lit Month hosted by Caroline and Lizzy this November which to all involved seemed a great success and then the announcement by TJ of his twelve Germans, I decided to post my own German reading plan for 2016 and if any of you wish to read along either, any of the books or anything else by these authors, let me know.

Herta Müller, Heute Wäre Ich mir lieber nicht begegnet (The Appointment ) to be read in English 02/11/2016


Heinrich Steinfest, Die Feine nase der Lilli Steinbeck (Le Onzième Pion ) to be read in French 25/12/2015


Marion Poschmann, Schwartzweissroman, to be read in German


Angelika Klüssendorf, Das Mädchen, (La Fille sans nom ) to be read in French 01/11/2016


Monika Zeiner, Die Ordnung der Sterne über Como, to be read in German


Terézia Mora, Das Ungeheuer, (De rage et de douleur le monstre) to be read in French


Ulrich Peltzer, Das bessere Leben, to be read in German


Merle kröger, Grenzfall, to be read in German 13/01/2016


I guess I just have to do it then!

10 thoughts on “German lit target for 2016”

  1. Wonderful project. I started Das Mädchen when it came out and really liked it but had to put it aside for some reasosn. Maybe I’ll join you with that.

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