Michel Bussi ‘N’Oublier Jamais’

Michel Bussi is an author whose books have become well known over the past 5 to 6 years, He’s a French History professor and bases, to date, his stories in different regions of France. The first of his books translated into English was ‘Un Avion sans Elle’ After The Crash, set in the French Alps and repeating the multi-twisted mystery approach used in previous works such as


‘Les Nympheas Noirs’, a highly enjoyable mystery set in Giverny, the Norman village that was home to Claude Monnet, Is to be translated into English in 2016, which I would strongly recommend, with more twists than a pigs tail.


Which brings me on to the book that is the title of this post, N’Oublier Jamais’, the memory of ‘Les Nympheas’ was still strong, so I decided to take it on audio book from the local lending library once again.

image Audio turned out to be the right choice, this book is set in a coastal area of Normandy, near Fecamp (the town that is home to the Benedictine distillery). The intrigue very quickly centers around a series of murders of young women over a ten year period that May or may not be the work of a serial killer. The mystery at the heart of the book thickens to a point where it becomes obvious that no acceptable logical solution exists. The first conclusion is too far fetched and the book could not end here. Having swept away the incongruities there was then room to present a logical conclusion and the time to present yet a further twist. I don’t want to be too specific about the contents but no-one is who they seem to be. An interesting book, midway between the previous books in quality, as I mentioned before, audio book on regular commuting drives was the best choice here.

N’Oublier Jamais: First published in France by Presses de la Cité in 2014
Les Nymphéas Noir First published in France by Presses de la Cité in 2010
To be translated into English as Black Water Lilies by Weidenfeld and Nicholson in 2016
Un Avion Sans Elle First published in France by Presses de la Cité in 2012
Translated into English as After The Crash by Sam Taylor and published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson in 2014

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