Italian Lit targets for 2016

In an attempt at spreading my European Literature targets for 2016 more evenly, and following my German Lit targets, here are my 9 Italian Lit targets for 2016, Once again anyone wishing to read along will be most welcome, only the Baricco has yet to be translated into English.

Stabat Mater by Tiziano Scarpa won the 2009 Strega Prize, Translated by Shaun Whiteside


Bloodlines by Marcello Fois


Dino Buzzati Un Amour



Giorgio Scerbanenco a private Venus 20/02/2016



Milena Agus while the shark is sleeping 27/12/2015



Sandro Veronesi Quiet Chaos won the Strega Prize in 2006


Sergio Atzeni Bakunin’s Son



Giovanni Arpino Scent of a Woman 11/07/2016


Alessandro Baricco, Tre volte all’alba (to be read in French as Trois Fois Dès L’aube) 18/03/2016


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