Thomas Coppey ‘Potentiel du Sinistre’

Going Back over last December’s Lire Magazine checking out the laureates of the 20 best books of the year, I found in second place, in the category Best First French Novel, Thomas Coppey’s book ‘Potentiel Du Sinistre’ Tell me more

Mathias Enard ‘Rue des Voleurs’

Mathias Enard was a name at the back of my mind since he won the ‘Prix du Livre Inter’ in 2008, and so I borrowed this audio book without actually knowing more about it, and what a good choice! Tell me more

Michael Russell ‘The City of Shadows’

This book was recommended by ‘Your favourite metallurgist’ 20 days ago.
I had never heard of either the author or the title so I did my homework, the book is part of a planned trilogy of which the first two volumes have been published, this City of Shadows Tell me more

Philipp Meyer ‘The Son’

A business trip to the USA pushed me to advance quickly in my next choice of book (5 hours late waiting for a change of aeroplane). Philipp Meyer was somewhere on my radar, I’d seen reviews of American Rust Tell me more

Philip Kerr ‘A German Requiem’

My local library has as usual come up trumps again with the third book in the Bernard Gunther trilogy, I’ve already listened to the first two. Emergency plumbing due to water leaks in my kitchen freed up some listening time and what better than ‘A German Requiem’ Tell me more

Linwood Barclay ‘Fear the worst’

This is a book I listened to in its French version on Audio book during my daily commute, I was looking for something simple to read, a thriller. This book is about the disappearance of a seventeen year old daughter of an ordinary everyday divorced looser who is trying to keep his head above water. Tell me more