José Carlos Llop ‘The Stein Report’

Having entered Spanish Literature into my WordPress reader, I came across the Spanish Lit month 2015. In for a Peseta in for a Pound I thought so here we go.
I chose the Stein Report, this medium length book drew me in so that I read it through in one go!


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Mirko Bonné ‘Night No More’

Mirko Bonné’s latest book ‘Nie Mehr Nacht’ has not yet been translated into either English or French, so I read slowly in German. What a wonderful book! Shorttlisted for the German Book Prize, the translation rites are still available. image This book is about Markus and his sister Ira, who when young were afraid of the dark and as adults face the dark in two different ways, she ending it in suicide and he prolonging it in life. Tell me more

Daniel Kehlmann ‘Measuring the World’

My knowledge of current day German authors and their works needs some freshing up, so as I was
thinking about Julie Zeh’s novel  Decompression, I was looking at German authors and thought of Daniel Kehlmann,  a literary phenomenon in the German speaking world, his novel ‘Measuring the World’  has been translated into more than 40 languages and has sold 3 million copies in Germany alone. I decided, then, to read this work next.

The cover shown here is from the French edition.

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Choosing Books, Changing Habits 2

In my previous ‘Choosing books, Changing Habits’ post I’d reached the point where I had accepted the change towards digital books and I had decided this was an opportunity to set about better informing myself about my hobby
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Michel Bussi ‘N’Oublier Jamais’

Michel Bussi is an author whose books have become well known over the past 5 to 6 years, He’s a French History professor and bases, to date, his stories in different regions of France. The first of his books translated into English was ‘Un Avion sans Elle’ After The Crash, set in the French Alps and repeating the multi-twisted mystery approach used in previous works such as


‘Les Nympheas Noirs’, a highly enjoyable mystery set in Giverny, the Norman village that was home to Claude Monnet, Is to be translated into English in 2016, which I would strongly recommend, with more twists than a pigs tail.


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Katherine Pancol ‘The Yellow Eyes Of Crocodiles’

I decided this time to check out a French best selling author ‘Katherine Pancol‘ . Colourful books on female themes I thought, so why not give my feminine side a chance to shine through!image Tell me more