Quai Du Polar 2022

Now this may be a “Normal” year In The Time of Covid. The ‘Quai du Polar’ is still programmed for the beginning of April in Lyon, Last year was postponed until the summer so let’s see whether this fair which concentrates on thrillers will go ahead as planned, for more info try the official website. official website.

So for two years running now and twelve books total read, the festival has chosen my second place book as their winner twice, so watch my blogs and keep a look out for the bookmaker’s favourite, my second choice!
The following are the pre-selected books which I will read, found on the official website, see below.

Olivier Bordaçarre Appartement 816 (L’Atalante) 160 pages
Max Izambard Marchands de mort subite (Rouergue) 352 pages
Hervé Le Corre Traverser la nuit (Rivage) 320 pages
Elsa Marpeau L’âme du fusil (Gallimard) 192 pages
Gabrielle Massat Trente grammes (Le Masque) 450 pages
Michèle Pedinielli La patience de l’immortelle (L’Aube) 224 pages

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